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Karlus "KC" Cozart, President

Karlus "KC" Cozart, President

Our Mission

Our mission is YOU!  We want to you to succeed in all of your future endeavors.  Our goal is to provide you with the service and management necessary to build a LEGACY! We will provide above and beyond services in: career management, contract negotiations, and brand management, that will exceed your expectations.

Our staff has experience working for premier clients at the highest levels of government, private sector, various sports teams, and entertainment companies.  Those skills fueled with our passion for ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT and SPORTS are the perfect combination for those ATHLETES, ARTISTS, and ENTERTAINERS looking to take their careers to the next level.  Whether it’s the ring, the field, or the set, all of the world is a STAGE and we are here to make sure everything is in order for you to PERFORM!


This will be the best decision of your career and it’s just the beginning…welcome to KCVG!


Our Skill

The following are just some of the skills our professional team are ready to provide just for you:


Contract Negotiations

Ensuring you receive the 'best deal' at any given moment.

Brand awareness/management

Building the business of YOU!


Getting you in front of the fans is why we are here!


Securing the financial support to support your pursuits.

Career management

Developing a vision for where you want to be and making the moves to get there.

Community Engagement

Identifying and providing ways to give back, and never forgetting where you come from.

Prep and conditioning

Preparing you to take on the competition.

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Dontra 'D-Train' Hall - Football

Charles Johnson - Football

Instagram: Kingdeasel21

Corey Tucker - Football

Instagram: @Tuckermustdie_

Reginald Parker - Football

Reginald Parker - Football

Alonzo Brock - Football  Twitter:prince_zoseph  Instagram: @thahybrid

Alonzo Brock - Football


Instagram: @thahybrid

Will Carter - Football  Instagram: wbeam18

Will Carter - Football

Instagram: wbeam18

Billy 'Speed' Reid - Football


Travae Jones - Football